I am less a songwriter than I am a person. I like to express myself through lyrics and melodies, but this is just a form of communication. To me, music is about coming to terms with your own emotions and connecting with the world around you in a real way. Songwriting is one of my outlets, not my primary occupation. I hope that the thoughts and feelings I share, through music, help my listeners develop their own perceptions on life.

My live show is important to me. I don't want to just play music to make money and find fame and I don't expect to make some huge difference in the world. I strive to connect with my audience, share a little bit of myself and hope to, in return, learn something from them. I'm a realist; be real with me and together we can make things happen. - MB

Maxwell Bailey EP Release Show at Noise Floor Sessions at Aeronaut Allston (20 June 2018) - Photo by Brandon Keith